for contractors

We encourage licensed tradespeople to reach out about working with us! Here are some benefits: 

  • No sole-plate or top plate in walls, less drilling.
  • Comfortable, dry, minimum 42” tall crawlspace throughout.
  • We can undertake some or all of the penetrations for you (especially through metal) 


This system revolves primarily around licensed General Contractors. It is designed for GC’s who are frustrated with the conventional process and competition, by a GC who is frustrated with the conventional process and competition. As we complete the next handful of projects we will be looking to start licensing this system to other contractors. 

We hope to reach a certain level of predictable and consistent savings as compared to conventional construction, and franchise this system for roughly 20% of those projected cost savings per house. But the fees would remain consistent and would likely include a limited rental of certain specialized tools for the first project. The idea is that if it works for you, you will buy these for the next one. You will be encouraged to purchase certain high quality tools if you don’t have them already. These tools are useful for all construction though, in case you’re not a good fit for the system. 

The licensing doesn’t include the costs of the engineer, design time, plans review time, etc. Those details will be worked out over the next few houses. The idea is to develop a growing number of models and to cut down on plans and design as much as possible. This is why we’ve streamlined the typical design headaches: soil, footings, formwork (see Bunker Block Foundation), the “moisture sandwich” and wall header details (see Insulation Innovation), site grading and drainage, see (Recycled Crushed Concrete Base) and many other things solved easily by the containers. 

The license does give you the support network you need to learn and implement the system, and to explain to code officials how the system meets and exceeds the intent of the code. 

Over time there will probably be a growing catalog of videos to refer to. 

You will have to sign many non-disclosure forms, non-compete agreements and the like. You and your company will be liable if you willfully disseminate trade secrets outside the network. If you do a CFC project without paying the licensing on it, we could put a lien on the house for uncompensated design time, ban you from the network and also take legal action to receive your profits on the project. If there is an engineer on a non-licensed CFC, they could be liable as well. 

The licensing fees are very fair and far smaller than your time and cost savings vs. a conventional house. The fees will fuel on-going research, testing and innovation, which will make the licenses ever more valuable. We want GC’s to be happy to pay without thinking twice about it. The goal is not to raise the fees, but to streamline things enough to lower them. Since we would hate to have to raise them, we want to be absolutely certain the numbers make sense for everyone. 

There may be some incentive structure for volume, or reduced fees after a certain number completed, or you may be able to teach new GC’s and receive consultation credits against fees once you are proficient. 

We assume no liability for any project.

 Any quality issue could be a liability issue for you, the G.C. (stemming from your poor workmanship) or a customer service issue for us. We will protect our brand, so if a problem stems from a perfectly executed installation, we will likely help rectify the situation. You’re in charge of your workers’ safety. 

The intellectual property is best thought of as the licensing rights to a famous song or doesn’t guarantee success, just authorize you to use it. 

You’re expected to pass some of the savings on to the client. 

You can modify any plans with porches, additions, garages, sheds, dormers, etc., but don’t expect support if it causes a snag somewhere. We offer hourly design services as well. 

We want to create a support network, where GC’s compare notes and give suggestions on rigging, chronology, strategy, technique, finishes etc. We see many opportunities to use the spare parts for other components in the house(s), but also unrelated things like trailers, dumpsters, furniture, etc. 

We encourage interested GC’s to sub work on CFC projects (especially for a good price) so they can be around to watch.


We encourage all other subs to be in our rolodex to help develop a robust database of resources. 

This section will be updated in time to explain the various cost and time savings to you: roof, framing, foundation, insulation, flooring, etc. 

Of course we will drastically lower or waive licensing fees for low-income housing and similar socially beneficial programs. 

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